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EVEN EarPrint H2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones that Adapt to the Way You Hear — with Mic (Walnut and Steel)

Award-winning EVEN H2 headphones customize sound to your unique hearing profile with our patented EVEN EarPrint technology. Enjoy 20+ hours of unwired, unmatched, uninterrupted listening. See how you hear and manage multiple EarPrints with the companion EVEN H2 mobile app.

EXCLUSIVE EVEN EARPRINT: Groundbreaking sound adapted to your ears.
EVEN MOBILE APP: See how you hear. Manage multiple EarPrints.
LISTEN UNWIRED: Bluetooth enabled for ultimate flexibility.
DUAL CONNECT: Connect two devices for seamless sound.
20+ LISTENING HOURS: Smartly saves battery. Passive mode enables with cable.
H2 wireless headphones voted “100 Greatest Innovations 2017” by Popular Science. Only headphone to receive this award!
“The most stylish, luxurious and simply said, freaking amazing headphones you’ll have the opportunity of experiencing” -SOHH
“Using a proprietary hearing test, the H2 creates a personalized ‘earprint’ that enhances the weaker aspects of your hearing, creating a clean, crisp sound that you don’t have to jack up to maximum volume to enjoy.” -Tom’s Guide
“By starting with an eight-step hearing test, you can adjust them to suit your ears in the way glasses are optimized for your sight.” -London Times
“It’s rare in itself to find wireless headphones that actually look good, but that’s not even the most impressive part of the H2 headphones. Instead, it’s their EarPrint technology: through an app, you take what basically amounts to a hearing test, judging your ability to perceive sounds through low and high frequencies in each ear. From there, it generates a custom “earprint” for you that actually (actually!) is awesome.” -GQ

Price: $141.36 - $140.07
(as of May 05,2019 16:05:58 UTC – Details)

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