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Explosion Proof Drone – 3 Flight Modes – 3.2m Range – C1D1 C2D1 – NEC/CEC ATEX IECEx

The EXDR-LE10-CMR-R1 Explosion Proof Drone offers advanced monitoring surveying and payload deployment in hazardous locations and industrial facilities. This UAV features a maximum distance of 3.2 miles and 22 minutes of flight time. Powered by six rechargeable LiPo batteries pilots can choose from three flight modes and safety modes during operation. The remote controller supports dual users (Master-and-Slave Control) with a maximum transmission distance of 3.1 miles (FCC Compliant). The EXDR-LE10-CMR-R1 is a powerful explosion proof UAV for industrial applications. Featuring eight rotors the unit is capable of 22 minutes of flight time. It can reach maximum speeds of 18 m/s (no wind) and a maximum distance of 3.2 miles. The drone is powered by six rechargeable intelligent batteries at 4 500 mAh capacities. Three GPS sensors are available for optimized tracking. Clips located at the base of the rotors stabilizes the rods during operation. A vibration absorber located at the bottom of the UAV prevents unnecessary shaking and smooth recording. Landing gears can be retracted and deployed as needed. This explosion proof drone is suitable for NEC/CEC markets as well as ATEX/IECEx. Listed for the United States Canada and Europe the unit comes with the following explosion proof ratings: Class I Divisions 1 & 2 Groups A B C D and Class II Divisions 1 & 2 Groups E F G. Flight Modes: The explosion proof UAV features the following flight modes: GPS Mode Height Mode and Manual Mode. In GPS Mode pilots can set a drone to fly autonomously to a pre-programmed destination using satellites for guidance. In Height Mode the operator locks the altitude setting of the unit while other controls and movement are manually controlled. In Manual Mode the pilot has full control of the UAV. For enhanced reliability operators may also instruct the drone to return to the launching location using “Come Home” commands. Remote Controller: The EXDR-LE10-CMR-R1 cEXDR-LE10-CMR-R1

Price: $83,792.00
(as of Jun 25,2019 11:11:18 UTC – Details)

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